About the Corner / 關於Corner

General Description

    The Language Corner, closely affiliated with the Language Center, was inaugurated on October 18, 2002 as part of the university’s internationalization drive. The Corner is an English language enclave and lounge for students, staff and faculty. As a popular haunt for English enthusiasts, the Corner exudes a cyber café atmosphere.

    The Corner’s role goes beyond its appeal to English language enthusiasts, however. Our aim is to serve the entire student body, especially those who tend to shy away from English. Therefore, an important objective of the Corner is to empower students, especially the non-enthusiasts with a self -actualized desire to learn.


    These efforts are reinforced in an atmosphere rich in encouragement with the hope that all students will develop higher levels of self-confidence in their abilities to function in all English environments. Ultimately we hope that our shy students, like their enthusiastic counterparts, will “want” to be involved in the Corner.


    Once students want to learn and have the self-confidence to try, we support their efforts by providing language learning resources that can lead to success. These include a video room, where students can watch films with English subtitles, and three state-of-the-art computers from which students can gain access to the Internet. Our aim is to ensure that no SHU student is left out of today’s international society because of an English language barrier.



特別於2009年夏天斥資整建Language Corner,


座落於言論廣場展覽廳內之「外語沉浸園」(Language Corner)其設計理念為一「多語文」的環境取其Total immersion in Languages(沉浸於語言中)的含意,目的在希望藉此提昇學生第二外國語表達能力與學習興趣,進到園內的人必須全程說第二外國語。 園內安排外籍老師定期開設各種語言學習課程, 92學年度引進外籍交換學生,利用同儕學習,訓練學生口語表達,增加英語會話能力。

園內設有電腦學習平台,可做互動式語言學習,以及上英文網站之用,大有網咖的氣息。另外並即時播放英國 BBC 新聞廣播節目,國內外通俗的報章雜誌如People , Far Eastern Economic Review, Taipei Times等也都可以在此閱覽,讓使用者在學習英語的同時,掌握世界脈動。此外,還設有視聽室,供使用者預約觀賞英語教學節目或熱門電影,在觀賞影片時以英文字幕呈現,輕鬆學英語。

進入Language Corner內宛如自己家中客廳,學生常於課餘時間駐足歇腳,3、5同好一起相互交換心得,氣氛融洽和諧。